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Will laser treatment hurt?

It feels like an elastic band been twanged against the skin! So whilst not pain, it’s quicker than getting a new tattoo, and the discomfort is probably no more than you experienced when you got the tattoo initially.

Is laser tattoo removal safe?

Yes! During laser tattoo removal the laser operates in short, fraction of a second bursts, targeted only at your tattoo. It does not affect surrounding skin.

Will laser tattoo removal scar me?

No! Laser tattoo removal should not scar you. Instead of forcing ink out through the skin, it breaks it down, so your immune system can attack and pull it out through your lymphatic system.

Will laser tattoo removal burn me?

No! We use only the latest most advanced lasers that are much gentler and pass freely through skin without burning.

How many session are required?

A number of treatments may be needed before the tattoo fades enough to no longer be seen. The number of sessions is dependent on the tattoo complexity, ink type, colours used, tattoo depth, tattoo age and skin colour of the client.

The efficiency of the clients immune system also plays a role in how quickly the tattoo can be removed.

5 to 10 laser tattoo removal sessions may be required before the tattoo fades entirely. Session times vary depending upon the size and complexity of the tattoo and patient sensitivity.

Is laser tattoo removal suitable for everyone?

Laser Treatments insist on an initial consultation with questions on your general health and any medication you take. If you are fit and healthy, answer questions honestly and follow the recommended aftercare you should be fine.

Can you remove a multi-coloured tattoo?

Most colours can be removed with laser tattoo removal. Black, dark blue and red tattoos respond really well to laser removal. More difficult tattoo colours to remove are white, yellow, purple and pink, but are easier to cover up. Green is probably the most difficult tattoo colour to remove.

Laser Treatments uses an advanced laser that is good for most colours giving you the best results possible.

Can you fade a tattoo before a tattoo cover-up?

Sometimes yes, but not everything can be covered well. Some tattoos require a little help from the laser in preparation for cover-up, with a far superior result. A cover-up tattoo should always look good in its own right. Beware of promises to “cover it with black”.

You may end up with a worse tattoo than the original. Even the best cover-ups are rarely 100% effective. If the original tattoo was very dark and strong it may seep back through in time.

How many sessions are required for a cover-up?

If you only want to fade a tattoo ready for a new tattoo cover-up, you may need just 2-3 sessions over say 2-3 months, depending on what you want to cover it with.

A new light-coloured tattoo will need more of the old tattoo removing than if you plan a new dark tattoo to cover the old one.

Typical costs for laser tattoo removal?

Laser Treatments offers an affordable laser tattoo removal and reduction service with prices based on the size of tattoo to be removed. A single session for a tattoo would cost £30.00, regardless of the colour or density of ink involved.

Several sessions are likely to be required. Laser treatment can also be used to fade a tattoo before a tattoo cover up.