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How real will it look?

Scalp micropigmentation gives the look of a shaved head or a stubble shadow look.

How long will the treatment take?

1st 2 to 5 hours 2nd 2 to 5 hours and 3rd 2 to 4 hours. All quotes are for 3 visits.

1st to 2nd visit a 10 day gap and 3rd a 4 week gap

Is there a guarantee?

I like to give all my treatments a 12-month guarantee from my first session, just in-case any areas of the treatment is not perfect simply call us and we book you in for a free session.

How painful is the procedure?

The procedure could not be described in any way painful, If I was to use a scale 0 to 10 from what clients have fed back to me – pain is usually 1 to 5.

0 = No pain 3 = Mild pain uncomfortable 4-6 = Moderate pain 7-10 = Severe pain

How will you get the right colour shade?

The first treatment is done slightly lighter to see how the pigment settles in the scalp, then the second treatment the colour can be left as it is or altered to see if you need to go darker.

Is it the same as a normal tattoo?

No not at all even though SMP can be known as a hair tattoo, it is completely different from a tattoo. The pigments used for SMP do not change colour, completely different equipment and microneedles are used and a completely different technique is used. Also, you have to be specially trained to perform scalp micropigmentation.

Will it damage existing hair?

No not at all, if anything the treatment has been known to stimulate hair growth in some cases.

Are the results permanent?

Results can last 3 – 6 years with some touch ups maybe in-between, but depending on lifestyle and immune system it can last longer. This treatment will soften with age.

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