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Types of Treatment

Below are different types of hair loss that we can help with the use of SMP. As the level of baldness can impact the time needed for your treatment we use the Norwood scale (men) and Savin scale (women) to calculate the cost of your treatment. We are happy to explore the best solution with you so please do book a consultation to explore possibilities.

Hairline Reconstruction

Restoring your receded hairline

Scalp micropigmentation (Hair Tattoo) gives you the ability to fully customise the hairline style that fits your look creating a style individual to you we take into consideration age, facial shape, ethnicity these all play a part in creating the most natural hairline that suits you. Scalp Pigmentation gives you the ability to customise your style that fits your look.


  • Natural Style
  • Conservative Style
  • Hard edge Style
Hairline treatments from £500 to £900
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Pattern Baldness

Add density to thinning hair

The best candidates for this variation of SMP are those with intact hairlines and diffuse thinning, i.e an overall loss of hair density. For this to work, the recipient should have decent coverage of hair in the crown area too. SMP can be applied to cover the entire upper scalp, and the resulting appearance is of restored hair density.

For those with receded hairlines, as long as their overall density is still reasonable (including the crown area), it is usually still possible to keep the hair long after treatment as long as the treated area does not breach the boundaries of the recipients frontal hairline.

Pattern Baldness treatments from £900 to £1200
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Scar Camo

Cover up scalp scaring

Scalp micropigmentation is a very effective method for the concealment of scarring and birthmarks. The majority of scarring that SMP technicians see is from hair transplantation. Clients are often unable to continue with the ongoing treatment and cost of hair transplants, and fortunately, scalp micropigmentation is able to help camouflage the scars, as well as providing the appearance of hair to new or remaining areas of baldness or thinning.

Scar Camo treatments from £400 to £600

Female Hair Loss

Conceal hair thinning and hair loss

As well as affecting men, baldness can also affect women (female-pattern hair loss). Similar to male pattern hair loss, both heredity factors and hormones seem to play major roles in female pattern hair loss. However, patterns of hair loss appear differently in women than in men. Women with androgenetic alopecia more often have diffuse thinning on all areas of the scalp.

Female hair loss treatments from £400 to £3000
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Touch ups

Keep your finish looking great

At Scalpworx we want to journey with you to maintain the appearance of your scalp. We are always interested in improving and maintaining your hairline and shading with touch up sessions in the future.

Touch up treatments from £300 to £600

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