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Micro tattoos

What are Micro Tattoos?

A micro tattoo is the most precise type of  fine line tattoo smaller than 5cm. Using either a single needle, which is the smallest needles you can use. Most fine-line tattoo artists pack their machines with more needles for better control.

How long does a micro tattoo last and will it fade?

While a micro tattoo should be permanent, there’s a chance it could fade over time. 

Single-needle tattoo’s are more likely to fade as it’s a bit more surface level and there’s not as much pigment. This also means, a micro tattoo is resistant to bleeding or blotching. For example if you have some lettering with a thicker needle, an ‘e’ might close up if the ink under your skin bleeds. Some people criticise micro tattoos however in our perspective we would rather have a tattoo that fades than a tattoo that has blotched into a blob over the years. If the tattoo fades, we do a £10 touch up.

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